Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Every year, I make the same number of resolutions as the last digit of the year. I fudge around with 11s and 12s - it's not a lot of fun to me to make only one or two resolutions. But I think 13 will do me in this year, so I'm cutting back from 12 last year to 3 this year - and here they are!

1. Go crazy on the student loans. In 2012, Peanut and I decided to suspend our Roth IRA contributions for a few years in favor of paying off our student loans. We wiped mine out and are starting to attack his - $18,000 worth. I think paying them off entirely this year is unlikely given that we will be without my income for at least half the year, but we should be able to make a big dent in them.

2. Be gentle. I have found a surprising reservoir of tenderness as a new mother. I would like to extend this newfound compassion to other areas of my life - I would like to be gentle with my friends and family, with strangers, and with myself.

3. Finish what I start. I have a bit of a problem with this - it's what my first blog post ever was about, actually. I'd like to make 2013 the year of finishing. I would like to use stuff up - finish half-full bottles and packages, use the stuff I'm setting aside for a "better moment", complete all the projects I start instead of abandoning them when the most fun part is done (ahem, finished quilt tops waiting to be quilted).

There it is - three goals for 2013. Let's begin as we intend to continue.

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