Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Link Fest!

Well, this is a link fest that goes back quite a ways - I've just been collecting the links but have not had a chance to write up a post with all of them.

This little trick from Zen Habits is a great one: let go of the tightness. I try to remember to do this during the day, but I almost always have to do it at night in order to go to sleep. I hate being keyed up!

I have also noticed the tendency, as Daisy pointed out, that we in the personal finance blogosphere frequently fall into the habit of feeling like spending money AT ALL is bad. Of course, that's not true! Money is there to be spent, either now or in the future, and he who dies with the most gold still dies!

That said, we should spend consciously and on purpose. I really liked Poor to Rich's list of things they do not buy. Here are some of the things we do not buy: cable TV, clothes that need to be dry-cleaned, tropical vacations, bottled water, kleenex tissues. And probably lots of other things that I can't think of, because, well....we don't buy them!

I have a super-soft spot in my heart for all-black animals, and I loved this story of an animal shelter adopted out black pets for free on Black Friday. Black cats are among the hardest pets to place, and I'm delighted to have given our kitty a home with us. If I had my way, we'd have a houseful. :)

The Non-Consumer Advocate discusses the costs of cheap clothing, and not just the financial cost of replacing stuff when it falls apart two weeks later (ahem, H&M). Yet another good reason to buy used whenever possible.

Trent took a look at what it meant to him to "have it all" and discovered that his list was a lot shorter than he thought at first. Baby M's birth has given me similar perspective. It's refreshing!

I found this interview about yoga anatomy myths to be utterly fascinating - I understood that there is a progression of poses in part to "wring out the organs" and "aid digestion". It's interesting to learn about which of these claims are real and which are bogus!

Another one from Trent - Peanut and I have frequently exclaimed to each other these last four months about how lucky we are to have a life where Baby M's arrival is manageable. We are able to survive on one income indefinitely if need be. We have good health insurance. We live close to family and friends for support. The thing is, much of that was not luck. We purposely made decisions that would bring these things into our lives, even before we knew we needed them. Trent details some ways that you can bring more luck into your life.

I love the idea of sending an email or calendar reminder to yourself about something like overshopping at Christmas. What a great idea!

I like all of Katy's 12 Favorite Frugal Tips.

Get Rich Slowly has some tips for freezer cooking - specifically, avoiding freezer burnout.

Wealth Pilgrim has a great checklist for how to live on one income.

I am not a fashionista, but I still found this really interesting: what 13 people wore to an interview with Anna Wintour, and whether they got the job. (via Smart, Pretty, and Awkward)

One of my new favorite blogs is Ain't No Roller Coaster, written by a mom of two preemies. Many of her posts have spoken directly to me, so for anyone who is interested in learning more about what we're facing, here are some of her highlights:
10 Lessons I've Learned Being a Special Needs Mom
Cold and Flu Season Bucket List (like Tatum, we will be totally sequestered for the first three winters - no going ANYWHERE except doctor's appointments)
But, preemies have to get sick to build their immunity, right?
Their first insurance struggle - Made me ask a lot of questions of our insurance company!
"Get over it", "Just Fine", "Normal"


  1. I love that idea of black pets being free on black friday!

    When I was a kid, my family went to the Humane Society in October to adopt a second cat - and the one that picked us (really, he constantly followed us around and purred every time one of us petted him) was an all black cat. Turns out, our local humane society didn't adopt out all black (or all white) cats during October, because people apparently do bad things with them on/around Halloween (how sick is that?!?). Anyway, we waited until November 1st to adopt him. I think it's so sad that we had to wait, and I'm glad to read about a way to try to encourage people to look at black pets!

  2. Thanks for the links! You're following me and it seems in reality, I need to be following you! As you discussed with your own circumstances, when you have a "surprise, you have a sick baby and need to quit working moment", life really changes. I'll say this, we were smart and have been able to absorb/adjust to losing half our income, but we were also really lucky it didn't happen two years earlier, because at that point, we wouldn't have seemed too smart. I look forward to following you and good luck with the final days of the NICU.


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