Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Goals

Seems that I made New Year's Resolutions but no actual January goals last month. Well, not too surprising - we've had a lot going on!

Here's an update on how I'm doing with those resolutions:
1. Go crazy on the student loans. We're in a holding pattern until we get our taxes done. We generally owe taxes but we had a really weird 2012 - bought a house, had a baby, had approximately eighty bajillion dollars in medical expenses, and freelance work didn't remotely approach typical levels. So we might get a refund, or we might still owe - we have no idea. We're stashing money in savings for either a tax bill or a big fat payment to Sallie Mae.

2. Be gentle. It's very easy for me to be gentle with Baby M, but it's a little harder for me to be gentle with myself. I keep feeling like now that we're all home I should back to my usual standard of superpowered productivity, and that's just not very realist. I'm working on it.

3. Finish what I start. This is sort of the opposite of the previous point - I am raring to go on all these projects that I want to get finished, but right now I need to be taking naps and making silly faces at the baby. It's a balancing act.

And goals for February:
1. Investigate ways to lower cell phone and internet bills.

2. Seriously, get estate planning taken care of.

3. Get the #couponchallenge going again.

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