Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Spending

Baby $233.94
Business expenses $3.89
Car $87.53
Cat $25.95
Cell Phones $111.57
Charity $10 
Food—groceries $131.86
Food—dining out $282.12
Gifts $28.02
Hobbies (Peanut) $23.85
Hobbies (LMM) $9.99
House $1,366.54
Household $31.98
Insurance $325
Internet $72.50
Medical $36.24
Transportation $50
Utilities $242.43

Total Spending: $3,073.41

Things of note:
Well, if you want to have a cheap month, move into a hospital for a week and then bring your baby home and go into RSV seclusion. That'll do ya!

Looking at this list from the perspective of going to one income for a while, I can immediately identify some areas I'd like to cut back - namely cell phones and internet. I'm not sure how effective I'll be at this - I feel like Peanut and I review our phone plans on a regular basis and can't find a cheaper option that keeps us both in smart phones, and we are served by only one internet company that offers fast-enough speeds for Peanut to work from home. Still, I'll give it a shot!

How was your January spending?


  1. I think that what you pay for your cell phones and internet is very reasonable. How do you keep your groceries so low?

    1. Our grocery spending is not usually that low - I wasn't kidding when I said I moved into the hospital for a week! I ate probably 3/4 of my meals there for the month (free, as a mom pumping breastmilk) and Peanut ate dinner there every night as well. That $131 covers just the last week of the month when we were finally home.


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