Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sometimes things cost more than their price

Baby M loves her swing. She had one in her hospital room and absolutely loved to be in it, so we bought one for her homecoming. We got a basic model from Target; runs on batteries and has no frills like music or vibration or turning into a bouncy seat.

It works great, except for the battery part. Little girl loves her swing, and she's going to go through batteries like no one's business!

The model at the hospital could be plugged into the wall, and I've been considering returning the swing we got at Target and ordering the other one from Amazon. But here's the rub - it's twice as expensive as the one we already have!

I've done the math. Swing ($70) plus 4 D batteries ($10) times eleventy million battery changes quickly adds up to something that makes the plug-in swing a better financial deal for us. On the other hand, we already have a swing in our house, and returning it is a giant hassle. Baby M does not travel light (oxygen tank, apnea monitor, plus general baby gear) nor do I want her to travel at all if we can avoid it (hello, cold and flu season! hello, winter temperatures!). So returning one swing and waiting for another has a cost aside from a financial one - and tips the scales back to staying where we are.


We can go a middle route. Keep the swing we have and instead order a universal battery charger and some rechargeable D batteries - along with AA and AAA batteries and any other size battery that we use on a regular basis. The price for that winds up being less expensive than either the existing swing with disposable batteries OR the more expensive swing - and it's better for the environment to boot.

Yay for Option C!


  1. I definitely like Option C as well. Swings are a must have with babies :)

  2. YES, time/other related tradeoffs are often forgotten or set aside in these calculations.

    Option C was definitely my first thought since I assumed it would probably be a total PITA for you guys to make the return. I'd send you my recharger for AA batteries but it would do you no good for the swing :P


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