Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Recap/March Goals

Here's how I did on February's goals:

1. Investigate ways to lower cell phone and internet bills. Well, I investigated and we are staying where we're at for now. Comcast is the only option we have for the internet speed we need (for when Peanut works from home occasionally) and we no longer qualify for any of their new customer discounts. I even looked into adding a landline or something but it wouldn't result in a lower total bill. And with cell phones I think we are getting the best deal we can for two smart phones with unlimited data. These are the most annoying bills that we pay, but it looks  like, unless we are willing to sacrifice some quality of modern life, we are stuck with them. 

2. Seriously, get estate planning taken care of. Grr, utter fail again. I had no idea how busy I would be staying home with an infant, especially one with ongoing medical needs, and this just didn't happen. It goes back on the list. 

3. Get the #couponchallenge going again. Pass. I used coupons on most of my shopping trips, and even got a few good deals (razors for pennies!). I did not renew my newspaper subscription, however, so I don't have any new coupons coming in. I need to use up some of the ones I have or try a different tack with grocery shopping. 

And here are some goals for March:

1. Once again, get this whole estate planning thing taken care of. Yes, once again. 

2. Do some menu planning! I have a new idea for menu planning that I'll share in a future post, and I'd like to try to put it into action this month. 

3. Start - and hopefully finish - taxes. I've been collecting all the paperwork we need but I think I'm still missing a few things. Our taxes are going to be ridiculously complicated this year - we bought a house, had a baby, paid thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and received freelance income and disability payments. It gives me a headache just to think about it, but we're still going to do our taxes ourselves. I'm hoping to get started on those this week during Baby M's naps. 

What are your goals for May?

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