Friday, March 1, 2013

February Spending

Baby $259.99
Business $3.89
Car (Jeep) $44.15
Car (Mazda) $111.02
Cat $35.59
Cell phones $111.46
Charity $10
Electric $76.66
Electronics $88.54
Food - Groceries $206.58
Food - Eating Out $113.34
Gas $140.18
Gifts $28.67
House $1,366.54
Household Items $27.32
Hygiene $23.99
Insurance $235
Internet $72.50
Robot $37
Sewing/Quilting $39.94
Water & Trash $61.75

Total $3,094.11

Things of Note:
This spending recap represents the first time our finances are somewhat normal since Baby M's birth in September. We've been home all month, which means we've been buying roughly a normal amount of groceries and eating out less frequently. We've been washing cloth diapers pretty much every day, along with the loads of other laundry generated by a baby. I was surprised to see that our water bill did not increase compared to last month but our gas bill sure did. Both our water heater and our dryer are gas-powered (I will be line-drying the diapers outside in the summer, but it's been below freezing for most of the month here, so that's a no-go for now. I do line-dry the covers in the basement but the inserts don't dry fast enough down there before they're needed.)

One-time expenses for this month include the Jeep license plate renewal, my life insurance premium (you might remember that Peanut got life insurance about a year ago - and now I have a policy too), and some hobby expenditures for both of us. The baby expenses included opening a 529 plan for our precious girl, and a bunch of cloth diapers.

This is our first month living solely on one income - my first round of maternity leave included disability payments at 60% of my salary. So far, so good!

How did your February spending go?

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