Monday, March 18, 2013

Mid-Month Goal Check

Here's where I'm at with this month's goals:

1. Once again, get this whole estate planning thing taken care of. In progress! I've read a NOLO book about estate planning and have started a second book, which I'll just skim. The Modern Gal pointed me towards the excellent website Get Your Shit Together, and between the downloads available there, the books, and a few quick google search for state-specific questions, I think I can actually take care of this WITHOUT a lawyer. No need to make an appointment, find childcare, and pay for advice makes me much more likely to follow through on this. 

2. Do some menu planning! I made a menu plan for this week! And I bought the things I needed and for two nights in a row I have made the things I said I was going to make! I like this. 

3. Start - and hopefully finish - taxes. Success! Federal taxes are filed and we are waiting on our REFUND! I have not had a federal tax refund in....oh, eight years or so. Due to freelance work, we always end up owing, but we had a banner year last year between buying a house and having a baby and not doing a lot of freelance work, so we are getting money back this time! We did state taxes by hand, something else I haven't done in the better part of a decade. Those just need to be printed and sent off with a tiny payment. 

How are you doing on your March goals?

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