Saturday, March 23, 2013

What do your habits cost you?

This is a neat little website that tallies up the cost of your vices - smoking, drinking, fast food, lottery tickets - and helps you visualize how much you could save if you gave them up. Very clever!

Cost of Your Vices

Here's mine:

Source: eBay Deals Blog

As a new mom, I guess I don't have many vices! I haven't had an alcoholic beverage in months, and I avoid caffeine while pumping as well. For fun, I put in how much I used to smoke, and quitting has saved me $613 per year - probably more than that, since I was buying cigarettes in New York where they cost about $12 per pack.

This is a neat little tool for figuring out where you can quickly cut down extraneous spending. What's your cost?


  1. It's a neat tool, but the assumptions are too simple to suit me. While I might not count the couple sodas I drink in a year as a real cost (especially since they're usually free to me), some of the other options aren't easy to answer. I eat fast food maybe twice a month, which I know isn't great for my health or my wallet. However, the choices for fast food only go down to "2-3 times/week" because the tool multiplies weekly consumption.

  2. I had no idea soda's were so costly. The tool really is to simplistic but it is still an eye opener if you use it as an average.

  3. Cool! I didn't realize I was spending that much.



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