Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women's Money Week: Finding Time/Increasing Productivity

I've heard it said that if you want something done, ask a busy woman to do it. Even better if she's a working mom!

For some reason, women do tend to be ultraproductive. Working moms, in addition to putting in hours at the office, also shoulder the majority of childcare and housework, too. Are we martyrs or miracles? Well, you'll have to be the judge of that in your own life, but here are

Stay off Facebook
I have a friend who is amazing - she's raising two kids, working full time, and somehow manages to do things like make quilts (by hand! with embroidered names!) for new babies and bring meals to sick friends. I couldn't figure out how she does it all until I realized that she pretty much avoids the internet entirely. While that doesn't work very well for bloggers, I know that there are certain sites that I can easily waste two hours on while accomplishing nothing. Avoiding those sites gives me a lot of time to do things that are more valuable.

Turn off the TV
Peanut and I don't have a proper television. We do watch television series that are available on DVD, but the benefit of that is that we can do it on our own time - not a network's schedule. Obviously ignoring shows altogether would give you the most free time, but catching up on, say, Downton Abbey while pacing the floor with a baby in the wee hours is, I would argue, a pretty good use of my time. I'd be pacing anyway, after all. :)

Set realistic goals
One of the hardest things, I think, for women to do for themselves is to not try to be superwoman. There are some things that don't need to be done no matter how much time we have. Taking things OFF our to-do lists is the best way to get more time in our lives.

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