Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Recap/April Goals

March Goals
1. Once again, get this whole estate planning thing taken care of. I can almost claim success on this! Peanut and I used Quicken WillMaker software to create the documents I wanted, which I'll write about in a future post. We just need to get them witnessed and notarized. FINALLY.

2. Do some menu planning! I did really well with this, actually. At least two weeks were planned and stuck to, which is like 10000% improvement on where we were.

3. Start - and hopefully finish - taxes. Success! We filed our federal taxes with TurboTax and got our refund last week. I'm very happy with TurboTax, as usual - we accidentally filed our state taxes through them just as we learned that Minnesota uncovered some serious problems with some calculations and was threatening to not accept returns through the software. Our filing fee was refunded quickly, and we did our state taxes on paper, which I haven't done in probably a decade. I bet that's one of the last times I'll ever be able to do them by hand, too, so that was kind of neat.

April Goals
1. Finalize estate planning documents. Soooooo close to being done - so let's do it!

2. Take advantage of Baby M's naps. I have been squandering Baby M's naptime on the internet or watching 30 Rock instead of getting to all the things I want to do. Now that her naps are both longer and more consistent, I have lots of things to do! Read books, get chores/laundry done, have dinner started before Peanut gets home, blog, clean out filing cabinet and closets, and more. I won't get all of those things done every day, but I'd like to work on at least one thing per day during her extended nap.

3. Sell some things on Craigslist. I have a few things that I have been wanting to list on Craigslist for, um, months. I'm going to try to get that done in April.

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