Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Spending

Baby $82.53
Business $3.89
Car $114.31
Cat $60.43
Cell Phones $111.46
Charity $10
Clothing $84.98
Dental $84.95
Electric $85.35
Electronics $0.53
Food - Groceries $213.02
Food - Other $224.37
Gas $127.41
Gifts $23.39
House $1,366.54
Household $6.76
Hygiene $68.02
Internet $72.50
Medical $50.40
Student Loans $261.94
Taxes $96.99
Water & Trash $87.47

Total $3,237.24

Things of Note:
So far, living on one income is still working out for us! On the whole I'm pretty happy about how our spending shook down this month.

Eating out could have been lower, but still our total food spending is under $500. Student loans includes adjustments for interest, and taxes includes state taxes plus the TurboTax fee for federal filing (we're not eligible for the free version due to freelance shenanigans).  I'm looking forward to warmer weather when our gas bill will be lower.

How was your March spending?


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