Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mid-Month Goal Check

1. Finalize estate planning documents. Errrr.....working on it!

2. Take advantage of Baby M's naps. Success! She has organized herself into three pretty consistent naps, two of which are usually at least an hour long. I try to stay off the computer (um, except for right now) and get other things done and I feel like I am making good progress. I could probably try to nap myself, but I'm getting *almost* enough sleep. I do try to lay down sometimes, but her naps just don't time well with my sleepy times. 

3. Sell some things on Craigslist. I added ebay since I have some things that might go better there. I haven't got anything listed yet, but one of the things I'm doing during nap time is getting them all ready. Taking pictures, writing descriptions, setting prices, that sort of thing. I may not get everything up this month, but I'm definitely making progress. 

How are your April goals going?

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