Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The value of imperfection

I got a fantastic deal on an enameled cast iron dutch oven the other day.

We had a gift card to a department store, and Peanut picked up a dutch oven a few weeks ago. It turned out  that the six quart size is too big for our purposes - we're only feeding two people here right now, and even when Baby M is big enough to eat regular food, she's not going to justify the larger size pot (although she looks real cute sitting in it right now). Plus, I could hardly lift the thing when it was empty, there was no way I'd be able to actually cook with it. So I took it back to exchange it for a smaller size.

It happened to be my lucky day - there was only one 3 quart pot left in the same color, and it was on clearance. There's a small mark on the outside of it, which I guess is the reason it was on clearance - but it made a $150 pot cost me about $40. YES. Let me tell you how much I care about the appearance of my cookware: not. at. all.

If that mark is the reason the pot was on such a steep sale, the value of imperfection is clear. I love looking for these kinds of things - seconds, rejects, imperfects. Not to get all wabi-sabi on you, but I think imperfection is a thing of beauty.

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  1. Awesome find!! Maybe the 3 qt pot was meant to be yours..


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