Saturday, July 13, 2013

What to do if your basement floods: Part II

Part I: What to do before your basement floods can be found here

Hopefully, you will be home when your basement begins to flood, and you will know that you are at risk, so when the power goes out at the beginning of a crazy storm, you will wander downstairs to check on things. In case that's true for you:

As your basement floods:
1. Move belongings onto higher ground. Peanut was able to save pretty much all of our stuff in the basement by getting everything off the ground just as the water started coming in. Our total loss included a half-full box of pine cat litter and the cardboard part of a flat of bottled water. Yay, Peanut!

2. Lift furniture and appliances using wood blocks or something. We used paint cans, because that's what we had on hand (we have wood in the garage, but we couldn't figure out how to open the garage door without power. We have since remedied that problem as well.). Once again, Peanut managed to save two couches, a deep freeze, a cabinet, and a table by his quick reaction. 

3. Turn off the electricity. Our fuse box is in the basement and we also have electrical outlets. Peanut was concerned about the water rising above the outlets, so before the water covered the whole floor, he flipped all the fuses off. This was no big deal, since the power was out already.

4. Bail water if possible. Our neighbor has no sump pump and simply bails anytime he needs to. Our basement was a lost cause for bailing, but Peanut used a snow shovel and later a squeegee to push the standing water into the floor drain and sump pit, which earned us points with our insurance company for doing everything we could to mitigate the damage.

5. Chill out. If it's going to be flooded, it's going to be flooded. It makes no sense to get bent out of shape on top of it.

Part III: What to do right after your basement floods coming up!

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