Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Thing Thursday

Thing the First: Oh, man, if you are into sewing AT ALL you need to check out ReFashionista. I can't even tell you how inspired I am. I have already refashioned a couple of things - nothing as interesting as what she does, but I took the turtleneck off a shirt and turned it into a headband. I haven't decided what to do with the shirt yet. I also combined a cardigan with worn elbows and some knee high socks with worn heels into a neat punky little number.

Thing the Second: This article at A Practical Wedding really struck a chord with me. Staying home with Baby M was a no-brainer once we realized the extent of her medical fragility and I realize how very lucky we are that we can afford to protect her this way. Still, it's a choice I am at times uneasy with - depending on Peanut for money, not using my master's degree, leaving a job I liked for an uncertain future. I decided to try embracing caring for our family as my job, and not look at laundry, dishes, or cooking as chores but as aspects of my profession, skills I should become better at and things to reclaim from outsourcing of any kind, and it has helped my attitude a lot. I'm going to read Radical Homemakers - has anyone else read it?

Thing the Third: This looks like an interesting movie: Made in the USA: A 30-Day Journey. The filmmaker spent a month trying to buy only products made in his home country, and discovered that in some cases, it's almost impossible. 

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