Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Thing Thursday

Thing the First: The surprising true costs of 9 common expenses. The ones that stuck with me the most were smartphones and your job. When I was working outside the home, I had a hard time tallying up any expenses that my job was costing me - but now that I'm eating all my meals at home and not driving most days, it's pretty obvious!
Thing the Second: Yessssss. "The fact is, men can’t have it all, for the same reason women can’t: whether or not the load is being shared 50-50 doesn’t matter if the load is still unbearable. It will not become bearable once women lean in, or once the consciousness is raised, or once men are full partners, always, in domestic life. It will become bearable when decidedly more quotidian things become commonplace—like paid parental leave and affordable, quality day care." This excellent piece in The Atlantic discusses why leaning in won't solve all our problems.
Thing the Third: I'm loving the series about makingunder your finances from Fiscally Chic. What a great way to describe how I feel about paying off our student loans - we have cleared the clutter!

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  1. On Thing the Second: I agree that it's the paid parental leave, better day care options, etc. that will help women the most ... but ... the argument Lean In made was that we need more women aiming to reach higher places (both in the business world and in politics) who will also advocate for paid parental leave and quality day care options. Men in power can be part of that solution too, but on the whole the male hierarchy hasn't done us many favors in those regards.


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