Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hand me that....whatever that thing is called

So, back in June, our basement flooded, and we had to rip out the drywall and carpet. Luckily, insurance covered the damage, but we haven't got around to getting it fixed until recently. And because it's a relatively small space, and it's in the basement, we decided to do the work ourselves.

Yup. We are becoming DIY home owners. Fun!

Peanut and I have hung most of the drywall already, and we did so without throwing tools at each other or anything. Next up is mudding and taping, and sanding, and more mudding and more sanding and apparently that goes on for like eight years and then we get to paint. And then we get to do the carpet. (We might have that professionally installed, though, since there's a flight of stairs involved.)

We're saving some money by doing it ourselves. Not a ton, probably, because it's a fairly small space and we happen to know a number of people in some part of the remodeling industry, and we've had to buy or borrow a lot of equipment that we didn't already own. I think it's enough to make it worth the effort, though, especially because we're finding the process rather fun. We're nerds, and we like learning - and there's a lot of learning that goes into home repair. YouTube videos - how did anyone ever get anything done before they existed?

Anyway, my hope is that by the time we're all done with the work and the final reimbursement (we were paid out for the damage, but if we return it to previous condition we get an additional payment), we'll have broke even with our deductible, or even come out ahead financially. I don't think it's a stretch, especially if I can get a really good deal on the carpet installation. I just won't ever figure out our hourly wage for the work, because I'm sure it would make me want to throw a hammer--right through our new drywall.

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