Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's hard to believe, but Baby M is one year old! How'd that happen?! It seems like just yesterday I was surprised to announce her birth, and here I am reporting on her first birthday party.

We've survived 134 days in the hospital, three subsequent re-admissions, surgery, the witching hour, sleep regressions, projectile pooping, projectile puking, smiling, laughing, babbling, learning to sit up and waving bye-bye. We're working on eating food and drinking from cups and learning to crawl or scoot. We're running on next to no sleep (I remember fondly the last time I got more than two consecutive hours of sleep...I think about it every day. Every hour, maybe.) and we're having a ball. Parenthood is equal parts fun and not sleeping, in my experience.

The not sleeping isn't conducive to thinking or writing coherently about personal finance, or anything else, really. But besides that, once I left the workforce, money started to really play less of a role in my life. I don't make much, and I don't spend much. I focus on saving on the things that we need to buy and making do without the things we don't, and there's not so much to be said about those things. Or maybe there is, and I'm just too tired to find the words.

I've missed writing goal posts for months, because making goals is kind of futile when there's a tiny tyrant governing your life. I've been trying to make one (1! ONE!) phone call for about three weeks now, and I just can't get it done between her nap times and their hold times. So that makes the goals I used to set pretty useless as a benchmark, and it's no fun to feel like a failure when I know I've accomplished a lot of patty-cake, little bunny foo foo, and walks to the playground.

But. BUT. We've passed the one-year mark. We've beat the odds in so many ways, and I am determined to do the same in order to get some of my old life - like blogging - back. If I could just figure out how to get more sleep.


  1. Happy birthday, Baby M! I hope more sleep is on the horizon for you.

  2. Wow! I cannot believe Baby M is already one year old! Happy birthday!


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