Saturday, October 5, 2013

Recent frugal wins

Here are some frugal things I've been up to recently:

* Shopping at Aldi more. I go there about every other week to stock up on things that I can't get as cheaply at my grocery store.

* Pairing coupons and sales more effectively at my regular grocery store. This week, I got $98 worth of stuff for $56 (42% cheaper!!!). I think that's my best yet! Unfortunately, I also learned that I need to bring my entire coupon holder with me, because there were a few unadvertised sales that I had coupons for, and I could have paid at least $5 less and gotten more stuff.

* Saying no. I hosted a themed party and really wanted an accessory to wear to go with the theme. I managed to talk myself out of it every time I went shopping, and saved $6.

* Getting free stuff! I passed a beautiful dollhouse and doll stroller in someone's front yard last weekend. They kind of looked like they were free for the taking, but there was no sign and I didn't want to assume. When they were still there several hours later, I rang the bell and asked after them. And came home with them! Baby M will love these things when she's older, and they're exactly the sort of thing I'd be keeping an eye out for at garage sales or consignment. But free is even better than cheap! (Plus I saved some perfectly useful stuff from being sent to the landfill.)

* Repairing our basement after the flood. Peanut and I have hung all the drywall and started prepping the walls for painting. It's a lot of work, but so far all our expenses have been covered by insurance and I think we will come out ahead if we can do all the work ourselves.

* Keeping an eye on my investments. I rolled my old 401(k) from work into an IRA, and while doing so I checked out the fees that all of my retirement accounts are charging. One of them was twice the other, so I made some changes to keep more of my own money in my old age.

What frugal wins have you had lately?


  1. Kudos on making someone else's trash into treasure. A neighbor of ours had a little cozy coupe out on the edge of his driveway. I wanted to stop by to ask about it, but I had a car full of groceries. I forgot about it until the next day when I noticed he had listed it in our neighborhood listserve. Unfortunately, someone else grabbed it before I could respond.

  2. ugh, I have 3 401Ks just sitting there. My husband keeps yelling (okay, nagging nicely) at me to get the account info to our financial advisor so we can get them into an IRA. If I get it done tomorrow, I'll tell him it was your reminder that got it done :)

    1. Yeah! It's super simple to do manually, so I imagine getting the info to the advisor would take less than five minutes. Good luck!


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