Monday, October 21, 2013

Something I can't believe I pay for

I think everyone has those things that they are kind of embarrassed to admit they pay for. Here's mine:

I pay someone to trim my cat's nails.

I can't believe I do this. It seems like such a basic thing to do myself, but I can't. I had a traumatic experience trimming a cat's nails too short a long time ago, and I happened to adopt the world's most skittish cat, who freaks out if you walk into a room - forget trying to grab his paw. He also happens to be pretty kneady (ha ha!) and the scratching post does not handle keeping his talons to a reasonable non-pointy level, so I take him in every other month or so and have the vet or groomer give him a good clipping. (Ironically, he is incredibly well-behaved and compliant for them, and they finish all four paws by the time I'm done paying for the service. I'm sure they do not believe me when I tell them why I can't do it.)
It costs me $10-12 each time, say $60 over the course of a year. Not a boatload of money, no, but that would be a nice dinner out for Peanut and I if I can ever get over myself and do this at home.
What do you spend money on that you can't believe you pay for?


  1. I'm guessing that $60 a year is 0% of your yearly income. Sure it's 1 dinner (out of how many you have a year?) but if it saves you stress, then I'd say it's worth it.

  2. Ha! I used to take Reese to the vet to have her nails clipped and Soft Paws claw caps applied. I tried doing it with the assistance of my mom (who held Reese while I clipped) ONE TIME, and that was enough for me. I know another cat lover who said she will clip one or two claws at a time, so over the course of a couple weeks all the claws end up being clipped.

    I've watched numerous videos on YouTube where cat owners make it look so easy, but Reese would jerk and meow like I was really hurting her. My heart couldn't take it! (Not to mention I was terrified with her jerking that I was going to cut wrong and hurt her.)

    1. I do the one or two nails a day with the baby. Now, if there was someone I could hire to do THAT job for me, I would pay double!


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