Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saving little bits of money

After the furnace debacle of yesterday I decided to get serious about saving money on the bills that bleed my soul dry every month. I've identified three that have potential:

* Cell phone. I've been out of contract for a few years and while a new phone would be nice, I have no desire for a new contract. I thought about switching to Peanut's parents' family plan and getting a Minnesota number, but I'm kind of partial to my NYC number and also all of Baby M's doctor's offices have it so it would be a pain to change it everywhere. I saw a post from The Consumerist about a new $15 discount for out-of-contract phones from AT&T, so I'm going to call them and see if I qualify.

* Internet. I think our internet bill is outrageous at $72 per month. It started out at a reasonable $40 or something for the first six months, then jumped to $60 for another six months, and has now jumped to the highest tier. There's no significant competition for the speed we need ("need" being relative - mostly we like it for gaming, but Peanut does do some work remotely and he couldn't do that without the speed we have) which gives me almost no leverage for threatening to cancel. Last time I called, I was told we couldn't get any discounts without adding phone or cable service, which would lower the price of the internet but increase the actual amount we pay each month. I'm going to call again and see what they say.

* Cat wellness plan. When I adopted my cat last summer, I signed up for the wellness plan at Banfield vet in our local PetSmart. He's seven years old (elderly, in cat years) and if you use all the services provided in the plan, it is cheaper than paying for them a la carte. However. In all my life of having cats, I've NEVER used as many services as I have with this plan, and I'm wondering if it's really necessary. We dropped by a local independent vet a few months ago for a nail trim and I asked them for prices of standard services so I could compare them with the wellness plan. I never really sat down and looked at everything side-by-side, so I'm going to do that this week and see if I can save money by paying for services as we need them instead of using a wellness plan.

These dribs and drabs won't add up to the cost of the furnace, but if I can save $40 or $50 per month, that's a nice chunk of change at the end of the year. Any suggestions for other places I look to see if I can save some money?

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  1. I've heard good things about Ting for cell phone service. Check out CreditCardFree's blog. I would still call about your internet. I think cats really just need their annual shots and to be spayed or neutered which was likely done before you adopted it. Can you maybe shop your insurance?


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