Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 New Year's Resolution Recap

Last year was by far the weirdest year I have ever had. Most of the time I feel like we have a general idea of what's coming up in our lives, but man, the first year of parenthood is something you simply cannot prepare for. Add to that the medical complications Baby M experienced, and, well - 2013 was unpredictable. I'm glad I only had three resolutions!

1. Go crazy on the student loans. SUCCESS!!! We paid off all our student loans and are now debt-free except for the house. We raided much of our savings to do this, but left enough of an emergency fund to deal with the furnace debacle and not be depleted. What a great relief!

2. Be gentle. I was surprised to find a well of compassion and tenderness in myself as I learned to be a mother to Baby M. I wanted to extend it to others, and especially myself. I am nowhere near perfect - nowhere near. But I am practicing every day. I am able to slow myself from jumping to conclusions, to judgement, to frustration, to anger. Usually. This has made this year, and my life, so much more pleasant. 

3. Finish what I start. I did surprisingly okay with this. I have made a point to tackle the projects that have been dangling over my head or to officially give them up. I have gotten rid of books, sold costumes, donated clothes, and organized baby stuff for consignment sales. I feel like I made a lot of progress, although there's still work to be done. I'm doing it in bite-sized pieces and I'm sure there will never be a day when I feel like, okay, everything I've needed to do is done. But I've stopped adding to my to-do list in a never-ending fashion, and that feels good. 

How did your 2013 resolutions go?

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