Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Thing Thursday

Thing the First: I have no idea what our water heater is set to, and no real reason to think that I should care, as long as it's working. But Trent's recent article about safety reasons to keep your water heater at 140 degrees Fahrenheit made me realize I need to pay attention to this! I'm going to do some research on water heaters so I have my ducks lined up when (not if) the water heater needs replacing, so I'll have to look into this more.

Thing the Second: This is a fantastic post on post-partum depression from a wonderful blog called This Little Miggy Stayed Home. It's only looking back that I realize that I was struggling with PPD or something similar in the months after Baby M came home. I assumed PPD was a hormonal thing, and the fact that I didn't deal with it in the extremely stressful months after her birth made me think it had skipped me. But the dark months of being stuck at home in the winter with a very sick baby on oxygen who couldn't eat enough to grow really, really got to me. When I went into therapy this past spring, I thought it was because of her feeding problems and my guilt over her early birth, but now I think those things just compounded something that most new parents deal with - the colossal changes that a baby brings into your life in terms of identity, responsibility, and oh, yes, sleep. Every pregnant woman and the people in her life should know the signs of PPD and watch for them. (And watch for them in dads, too - I know a father who is really struggling with life after his son was born, and it's heartbreaking.)

Thing the Third: The most overlooked tax deduction: the saver's credit. I have to be honest, I'm not sure we have ever claimed this, although I also think that when we had two incomes we earned too much to qualify. That's not true this year, so if we can manage to sock away any retirement savings, we will be including this on our taxes! (Also, note the $600 new-account bonus mentioned in the post - free money!)

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  1. You mentioned you know another dad struggling from PPD. My husband is very troubled by this (we have a five month old boy). Do you think he would be willing to talk with another man with the same issues?


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