Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Thing Thursday

Thing the First: I LOVE this article about how to Save Your Relationships. But more than the admonition to ask questions that matter, I love the description of the stay-at-home mom's day. It's so perfect - each day I am my best self and my worst self. Each day I marvel that I accomplished something I never thought I could do and I condemn myself for failing something that I know I can do better. Halfway through naptime I miss my baby, even though during the half-hour leading up to it I resented her every squawk. Don't even talk to me about bedtime - I'm in there checking on her every hour until I go to sleep, because I miss the weight of her in my arms and the smell of her hair under my nose. Each night I look around and wonder what on earth I accomplished, and each night I fall asleep certain that this was the most productive day of my life. These moments are truly the longest shortest time of my life, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to experience them.

Thing the Second: J$ talks about "the stuff you love mentality" - the idea of only spending money on things you love.

Thing the Third: More love, this time for the concept of being "self full" instead of "selfish", from A Practical Wedding.

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