Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Thing Thursday

Thing the First: I remember how important the release of the Times bestseller's list to authors and publishers, and I am AMAZED at Hands-Free Mama's self control. What a great reminder to choose what really matters, all the time - not just when it's convenient.

Thing the Second: J$ has an umbrella policy - quick, sue him! (Just kidding!) Peanut and I looked into this but ultimately decided that properly insuring our individual cars and house protected us enough. We may revisit this sometime in the future, but for now, we felt the umbrella policy plays on unrealistic fears and that if something catastrophic were to happen, something like selling our house is not actually the end of the world.

Thing the Third: There was a very interesting article in The Atlantic about how to save marriage in America. What I found most interesting was the description of marriage's trajectory over the past couple generations, and how neatly Peanut and I fit into the third category. As much as we like to think we are individuals, we often do

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