Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Thing Thursday with Bonus! Ask the Readers

Thing the First: I absolutely love this list of how much money you should be making in your twenties. TV and social media give us this idea that everyone is living the high life and it's just not true. In my twenties, I definitely felt like I could pay my rent all the time, go out to eat sometimes, and look for ways to earn more money most of the time. That's a nice rule of thumb, to keep on top of your finances without going crazy over nickels and dimes.

Thing the Second: There's a really nice run-down of Dave Ramseys' baby steps on The Simple Dollar. These are the core principles of my financial life. We're currently on step 3, again - after we had two "emergencies" last year (basement flood and furnace replacement) we used up quite a bit of our emergency fund and need to rebuild it while getting back into the groove of retirement contributions. I'll write more soon about how we're funding both goals.

Thing the Third: What If by XKCD is publishing a book! Woo hoo! If you are remotely nerdy, these science-y blog posts are great reading, and I'm excited that they'll be available in book format so we can read them as bedtime stories to Baby M.

Bonus! Ask the Readers
Any ideas for what to do with a ton (a TON) of clean, empty, glass baby food jars? Peanut is using some to organize the garage/basement, and I have seen all the cute things you can make with them on Pinterest - but I do not really have the time or interest to be crafty right now. I have already checked with our local schools, and they are happy to take the plastic containers but not the glass. I could just recycle them, but...I don't know, it seems like somebody might want them for something. Thoughts?

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  1. Here are some things you could do with the jars:
    - Store spices or spice mixes like dry rubs for meat or regular condiments
    - Use them in lunches to carry small servings of things (nuts? snack size yogurt?) or things you want to mix in later (salad dressing for salad)
    - Starter pots for seedlings -- maybe a tiny herb garden

    You may also want to contact your local Girl Scouts who could use them as craft supply containers or the basis for some kind of craft project at day camp.


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