Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Rewards!

Earlier this year, I mentioned a list of places you can sign up to get a birthday reward. Well, it's my birthday month, and here's what I'm going to redeem!

A&W  - free root beer float
Red Robin - free burger
Dippin' Dots - free ice cream
Sephora - free lipstick and mascara sample
Bucca di Peppo - free brownie sundae
Ulta - free mascara
Benihana - $30 credit towards dinner
Noodles & Co - free bowl of noodles

Not a bad deal for turning a year older!

I got a couple other offers as well, but they were for things like a free box of chocolate strawberries with a $60 dinner and other things that would require me to spend money to get a gift (and, um, doesn't that mean it's not a gift?). And that's just not in the budget this year.

Aside from that, Peanut and I will probably have a date night (maybe to Benihana??) and some flowers* and call it good. I don't do big birthday parties for myself, and some time with my husband makes me happier than a big hoopla would anyway.

* And this is weird to write, because I know he'll read this (hi, Peanut!), and it's not in any way a reminder or request, but he usually gets me flowers on my birthday because I like to get flowers on my birthday and he knows that. And he buys them at the grocery store instead of an expensive florist and I like them better that way. I would like them best if they were picked for free in a meadow, but it being Minnesota the only thing he could pick me at this time of year would be a couple of snowballs so the grocery store is usually the best option. And I'm just putting it here because it's my blog and it's my birthday post and I'm talking about what I like to get on my birthday because I don't like big expensive anythings but I also think that birthdays are important and fun milestones to mark, and this is a great way to do them - free stuff, dinner with loved ones, and cheap pretty flowers. And Peanut doesn't need any reminders because he is perfect in every way. Ladies, if you like to get flowers on your birthday, tell your significant other that you would like that and be clear that you want the cheap ones (or the expensive ones, if that's your taste) and don't make them try to read your mind!

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