Saturday, May 24, 2014

On Maximizing and Satisficing

Peanut and I bought our first new piece of furniture* together recently: a brand-new mattress. It's kind of gross to think about, but I have not slept on a mattress that hasn't slept other people since.....probably since I moved from a crib into a big girl bed.

Ugh,  heebie jeebies.

Our last mattress was a queen size thing with a pillowtopper on top of it, and it was already a little softer than what I would normally like when we bought it from a friend about five years ago. And since then, the little indentations where we sleep have just gotten deeper and eventually I was having back pain from sleeping on my stomach on this big soft thing. And since it has a pillowtopper, you can't flip it, you can only rotate it (and then I'm sleeping in Peanut's slightly deeper indentation, which - not helpful!).

We (I) decided to get a new one, because we're grown-ups dammit and sleep is precious when you've got a toddler and I want to sleep comfortably. We started thinking about this maybe in January, and then found out that May is when most mattresses go on sale. So we waited til May, went to a friends and family event, and got a mattress for a good deal - 30% off the regular price, plus they brought it over and set it up and carted away the old one.

Let me tell you about the research we did: we laid on some beds.

I know. I am like the uber-researcher of everything. I need to know how it's made, and what the options are, and which ones are better than others, and the history of mattress-making and all sorts of other crap. I researched the HECK out of baby gear for Baby M the first time around, but when it was time to buy her a convertible car seat I was kind of like, oh, hey, there's one here at Costco, let's get it.

And that's how I was with the mattress, too.

I already knew that I don't like the TempurPedic foam stuff - it makes me hot. And it feels weird. And it's expensive. I wanted a really basic, not fancy mattress, and ultimately I do not care what goes into it or how it's made - what really matters is how I feel when laying on it, right? So we laid on some beds, and wound up buying the firmest one, which happened to be just about the cheapest one in the store.

And it was all good.

Apparently, in my old age, I am becoming less of a maximizer and more of a satisficer - and you know what? I'm happy about it! I have zero complaints about the mattress, and only one about the car seat (and it being Costco, I have some time to return it if I can't learn to deal with it). Wish I'd figured this out a lot sooner.

* Is a mattress a piece of furniture? I don't know what else to call it.

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