Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is my favorite time of year - rewards season!

I don't know why we always tend to do it at the beginning of summer, but we do - we take a look at what our no-fee rewards credit card has built up to, and we cash it out for the best deal.

I actually have two no-fee rewards cards, relics that I've had for years and years since before the economy crashed. So they are both pretty good, but I hardly ever use my Discover card anymore - I used to have a recurring payment set up on it, but I don't even have that anymore. Must look into finding one to do that with (I hardly ever do recurring automatic payments because I just don't trust them, but it's worth it to keep a rarely-used credit card open.) I didn't have enough points there to get anything.

Capital One is our main card - we use it for EVERYTHING and we get a decent rewards point return on it. This year, we had almost 25,000 points, and since there wasn't anything at the 25,000 level that we wanted to wait for, we went ahead and cashed in 23,500 points for a $100 Target gift card and a $50 Home Depot card. I wish I'd done this a few weeks ago so I could have used that Home Depot card for the garden stuff we just bought, but live and learn, I guess. I always look carefully at all the gift cards and other options (cash, account credit, products) to see which has the best value, and so far we have consistently found that gift cards to places we normally shop (or sometimes to restaurants) are the best value for us.

I also am a member of a survey community that pays in points, and I cashed those points in for a $50 Starbucks credit. And I earned about $21 from another survey site, so I transferred that money from Paypal into my checking account. It's been a very nice week for rewards for me!

The one thing I'm not using regularly anymore is Swagbucks. I used it consistently on my work computer and when I had my own computer at home (and time to use such computer...) but now Peanut and I share a computer at home and he's....kind of a stickler for keeping it free of junky adware, which is basically what Swagbucks is. And without spending 40 hours a week online, I'm just not doing enough searches to earn enough points to get an Amazon gift card every single month. So, it's not really worth it to me anymore. I also toyed with things like JingIt and other services, but meh. I'm not interested in selling my time for nickels and dimes anymore.

Still, all things together, I got $200 in gift cards and a Jackson in cash, so this was not a bad day at all for me!

What kind of things do you get with your reward points? Any great ways to earn additional rewards? 


  1. We stick with two cards, 1 AMEX because we need it for COSTCO and that's all we use it for and 1 VISA which we put everything else on even groceries and recurring payments because we get cash back on that once per year. We pay a fee for the card because the rewards % is high - %4 for groceries and gas, 2% for drugstore and recurring and 1% for everything else. It's still worth the $129 fee because we use it for everything. I'm at about $250 owing to me now so should be around $400 by Nov.

  2. I pretty much do rewards points only for travel. I still use my Swagbucks for things like reading material and some beauty products, but for credit cards I have travel cards mainly.


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