Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Frugal Things I'd Like to Try

For all the things we do to be frugal, there are a bunch more that I'd like to try but for whatever reason haven't put into practice. Here are some that I want to do someday:

Grow a substantial amount of our own food. We have a small garden, and it gives us a bit of produce, but nothing that really cuts down the grocery bill. I'd like to grow enough tomatoes to make and can tomato sauce and salsa, for example, or not buy produce at all during the harvest season. We're not there yet, although we are doing a little better each year.

Sell electricity back to the power company. I'm not sure this is possible given our climate and house location, but I'd love to have solar panels and generate enough electricity to sell some back to the power company.

Never shop at a chain store again. I've been trying to buy used items, shop at locally owned businesses, and otherwise keep my money from flowing upstream into large corporate coffers, but it's really hard to do that and be frugal, especially with kids. Not impossible! Just hard, and I've not been up to the challenge yet. Grocery shopping would be my biggest challenge - there are a couple of local convenience stores, but I haven't found any place that could replace my regional chain for most staples.

Drop to one car, or even no cars. It was nice being car-free in New York City but it's not as practical where we are now. We could easily get by with one car (and do in the winter) but we can afford two cars right now and we are enjoying having that freedom. It would be nice someday to live in a very urban environment again, but we'll see if that ever comes to fruition.

Keep bees. Why not? I've tasted fresh honey from someone's backyard hives, and oh, man. It's incomparable.

Air dry all laundry. I air dry a lot of my stuff - only underwear and socks make it into the dryer from my hamper. More of Peanut and Baby M's stuff goes into the dryer, along with towels and sheets, but when it's nice out I still try to hang what I can outside. Our basement is too damp in the winter for this to work well, though, so I guess I will have to wait until I live somewhere warm and windy for that to happen for everything.

What are some frugal things you'd like to try? 

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