Monday, June 23, 2014

Sous Chef: Braised Salmon and Smashed Potatoes

This week it's a two-fer! I made quick-braised salmon with wilted lettuce (from Everyday Food) and smashed potatoes (from Pinterest) and they were awesome!

Well, I will say that I might skip the lettuce next time. Wilted lettuce is okay, but there are so many other flavorful veggies out there that I might do asparagus or beets or something with a kick. But braising salmon - my mind was blown. I like salmon okay, but I'm a little squicky on how undercooked fish is supposed to be. Braising totally took care of that for me, and it was easier to clean up as well. The only downside was that I bought the fish with skin on, not having read the recipe carefully, and then I had to take the skin off. Next time I will ask for the butcher to do that when I buy it, because that was gross.

The potatoes were super simple - boil for ten minutes, smash, shake with olive oil and salt, sprinkle with dill and bake till crispy. Yum.

Baby M and Peanut were both fans of everything, it was quick to throw together (aside from skinning the fish), and fairly healthy. No leftovers on this one!

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