Friday, June 13, 2014

Stuff I want to spend money on: house edition

One of the reasons I was thinking about what we're spending on house maintenance is that there's so much that I want to do to the house, and I just feel like we're pouring money into it. Well, clearly, we're not, but for posterity, here's a list of things that I really want to spend money on for the house.

* Remove popcorn ceiling upstairs. This one might wind up being done sooner than later, as a bit above our bed has started to crack and it's going to fall eventually. We're investigating taking care of this ourselves, but we're pretty sure there's asbestos, and I don't think we're equipped to handle that properly, especially with a kid with lung problems in the house (plus, removing popcorn ceiling texture is awful work!). We're going to price it out and see if we can afford to just have that part fixed or removed now, or maybe do all of it (two rooms plus a landing and stairway), or try a little fix and hope it holds til we've got more cash on hand.

* Fix the front steps. The flight of stairs leading from the sidewalk to the house has been cracked and in not great condition since we bought the place. We'll probably need to fix this someday.

* Refinish hardwood floors and replace all carpet. Having a refluxy baby did a number on the floors in this house. This stuff will have to be done before we can ever sell the house, but I think we'll live with it until we are done with having little kids around.

* Redo the backyard. We have a lovely landscaped backyard, but the longer we're here the more problems we find with some of the stuff that's back there. Certain plants seem invasive and need to be eradicated, there's a totally dead tree and one we wish would die, a lilac bush that's overtaking some power lines, parts of the yard are inaccessible and should be landscaped, other parts should be unlandscaped and turned into a vegetable garden, a slate step needs replacing, a set of stairs needs a new railing to be up to code, and I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Peanut and I have differing opinions of what should be done where and when, and since he does most of the yardwork he really should get the final say. At any rate, all of this stuff is "nice to do" when we've got the time and money.

* In my wildest dreams, completely redo the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. Not gonna happen, probably, but nice to think about. I had wanted an island or breakfast bar in my dream kitchen, and mine has neither, and I wince to think about sharing the only full bathroom with a teenage girl - no counter space! But it's all easily manageable for now.

Any home projects you're dreaming of? 


  1. I just signed an offer on our first house, so I am dreaming of all the home projects!! Starting with replacing the carpet in the master bedroom with hardwood or laminate. Then a plan for the garden (veggie beds, fruit trees, hugelkultur) and the sidewalk strips out front. And maybe finishing the (surprise!) basement...

    1. Dreaming is so fun! If I could only spend money on the things I *want* to do (like, for example, NOT the front steps), I would have so much fun with this. :)


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