Thursday, September 11, 2014

Better Late Than Never: August Spending Recap

business ($3.89)
car jeep ($56.16)
car mazda ($162.70)
Cell phones ($100.00)
charity ($10.00)
clothing ($227.78)
electric ($136.24)
Entertainment ($192.36)
food - groceries ($521.90)
food - other ($353.43)
gas ($24.54)
Helicopter/Robot ($39.18)
house ($1,401.71)
household ($421.71)
Hygiene ($20.00)
internet ($75.57)
medical ($18.59)
transportation ($50.00)
Water & Trash ($76.46)
Things of Note: 
The clothing category was quite a bit higher than usual, for a couple reasons. I had to start wearing maternity clothes, which I never had to do with Pickle, and so I had to go buy some. I've been getting them from thrift stores and clearance racks and hand me downs, and I think I've got all I need now. I also hit up the kids' consignment sale for things for Pickle and baby boy, and picked up some new cloth diapers to try out. 

Our entertainment category was higher than usual as well - the state fair and Renaissance Festival both fall during this month, and we did both (this is also why our food - other category is kind of high too, ahem). 

A massive Costco trip covers the bump in household and food - groceries categories. 

Overall, not a bad month. 

How was your August spending?

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