Sunday, March 1, 2015

This Week's Meal Plan and a Round-Up

This week's meal plan:

Sunday - baked potato pancakes, sweet chili glazed salmon
Monday - Mexican quinoa
Tuesday - slow cooker lasagna from The Can't Cook Book
Wednesday - Chicken tortilla soup (Costco!)
Thursday - Minstrone soup (Costco!), Red Lobster cheddar biscuits
Friday - BLTs

Check out my pinterest board Sous Chef for links to the recipes.

Financial Round-Up

* We filed our taxes today. We're getting a hefty refund back - it looks like Peanut's withholding never changed after Pickle's birth even though he's pretty sure he filed the paperwork. And now with our second little tax deduction, well - we're getting a big deposit pretty soon from both federal and state. We'll use it to fully fund Roth IRAs for us both, and make sure the paperwork gets filed this time.

* We're pretty sure the error was at Peanut's company because they also messed up his Simple IRA pretty bad this year - the payroll company took the money out of his paycheck but didn't deposit it into his IRA more often than not. His boss caught the error and it has been corrected, but now we actually have to check each month that his contribution has been made.

* We also get a property tax refund separate from income taxes. I wish there was a way that we could keep this money in our accounts rather than giving an interest-free loan to the state, but it looks like that's not possible.

* We bought a new washing machine a few weeks ago and have had to have three service calls on it already. A part was bad when it was installed, and since that part was replaced, about half the loads get unbalanced and create an unholy racket throughout the house. I'm waiting to hear from the main office of the store we bought it from tomorrow - I'm hoping they will just replace it instead of setting up another repair call. I think it's a lemon.

* I got a Target Red Card a few months ago to save 5% on all our diapers (cloth diapering is sort of a pipe dream right now). Their online interface is the worst I've ever seen, and the amounts of the purchases don't match what I put into my spreadsheet. I'm going to start saving all my receipts and ask their customer service if they can print off old versions of the receipts that don't match. Something's fishy and it's driving me nuts. Is it worth it to save 5%? I'm not sure.

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