Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Adventures in Shopping

There are a couple of thrift stores by me that I really like. They are sort of like Goodwill, only I think they are a little more picky about the stuff they actually sell, because the merchandise is all really good but the prices are awesome. And even better, whenever you donate, you get a coupon for 20% off - so every time I go shopping, I make sure to take a box or two of stuff. This helps keep things moving on out of my house AND saves me money - win win!

Anyway, my last trip there wound up teaching me a lesson. I decided that I need some summer pants - last summer, I was wearing maternity clothes, and I was pretty sure I didn't have anything from my pre-pregnancy era that would work for chasing after two kids in the summer. So I tried on a ton of capri-type pants (I don't do shorts) and found three pair that I liked a lot. Like, loved them, must have owned them in a former life, loved them. I bought them (with a 20% off coupon!) and brought them home. When I went to rearrange my drawers to feature my new summer digs, I found...dun dun dun...a HUGE STACK of summer pants that totally fit me now. Including...wait for it...three pairs of pants that were basically identical to the ones I'd just purchased.

No wonder I liked them so much.


The pants I already owned still fit, so I decided to return the three new-to-me pair. The store does exchanges within seven days, so I wound up buying a bunch of toys for the kids. Which is not something that I intended to do (I try not to buy toys for them, since they have lots of grandparents and aunts and uncles), but that money was spent either way and I didn't have the courage to try on more clothes, especially since when I went back I had both kids with me.

So, lesson learned: look through your summer clothes BEFORE you decide to go shopping for more.

Second lesson learned - try not to buy toys with batteries. Pickle fell in love with a little toy piano thing, which had some weird stains on the bottom and didn't work. Assuming it needed new batteries, I bought it ($3.99-20% off) but it turns out that those weird stains were from when the existing batteries exploded inside of it. Peanut was able to salvage it so it can run on a cell phone charger, but I'm not going to buy anything else that needs batteries unless I know that it works before I bring it home.

Also, third lesson learned: don't take your kids shopping if you can help it.

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