Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update in list form, and a PSA

I have lots to write about, but no time to form thoughts, much less sentences.

In brief:

* Pickle has started preschool! We went with a program through the parks & rec department, so it's very affordable. We started at two days a week but might bump up to four since she really seems to love it
* Pickle is turning three! Her birthday party will be a frugal affair: cake (made by me) at home (no venue cost) with immediate family only. I might spring for balloons this year, but I'd like to keep things small and manageable.
* Baby Bear is on the move! Time to do more baby proofing. It's different with a kid who puts everything in his mouth!
* We have movement on the new-to-us car front! More to come next week on that.
* Anyone know anything about hot water heaters? Ours has started leaking and we think it's about twenty years old (and is the only major appliance in the basement we haven't had to replace yet, so.). We have someone coming out to look at it and I'm bracing myself.
* I took a quick trip with Baby Bear to visit a family member who has not been in the best of health lately. Funny how traveling with one child now seems so simple! I got a good deal on the flight and had no lodging or food expenses, plus was given an unexpected bunch of money for the kids.

Lastly, if you do not have term life insurance and you have a spouse or children or might have children one day, go get life insurance. Here, I have googled it for you. Two clicks and you can enter your information for a quote. Don't wait - the unexpected happens when you least expect it. Due to a tragedy in our social circle, we are seeing what happens when you don't have life insurance, and it's just adding devastation to an already horrible situation. Please show your love by getting insured.


  1. Yay for preschool and Happy Birthday Pickle! Gosh, it really feels just like yesterday that you announced her surprise arrival.
    LB puts EVERYTHING in hir mouth too - I guess Pickle never really did?
    I was under the impression that hot water heaters tend to last 20ish years, from the last time I talked to PiC about it. :/
    Thanks for the kick in the butt. I'd gotten quotes on life insurance and simply could not decide which size policy to go with. I just emailed them to pick a policy and go with it. I'm going to ask PiC to either increase his or get a second one to supplement the employer one because his is not enough.

  2. Oops, sent that too soon. Meant to say: My condolences for the loss in your social circle. :(

  3. If your water heater is leaking and it's 20 years old, the only option is to get a new one.

  4. The average life span for a water heater is 10 years. Can your husband hook up a new one? I don't think its terribly hard.

    Life insurance is a must. We had it in place before we had kids and I couldn't imagine not having that security.


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