Saturday, June 11, 2016

This Week's Frugal Win

I was issued a laptop on my first day of work, and I carry it home with me most nights. I noticed it was getting a little scuffed from being carried in my bag. I don't want a dedicated laptop bag so I figured I'd buy one of those slim sleeves to slip it into. I've been too busy to get to the store or even look around online when suddenly I realized that I could probably just make one super easily. So I did!

 I used this tutorial, and in about an hour came up with something super cute - for FREE.

I used leftover quilt fabric for the outside (a pattern I bought at a quilt show in Paducah a few years ago for 50% off), leftover quilt batting (I always save the scraps for some reason), and for the lining, the bottom half of a family-company-branded t-shirt (I'd used the logo part shirt to make a pair of pants for my kids a year or so ago). I still need to put a closure on the flap, but guess what - I have buttons and velcro in my scrap drawer too.

 For less time than it would have taken me to get in the car, drive to the store, look for what I wanted, buy it and drive back, I had the satisfaction of "using up" and "making do" and every time I pull it out of my bag, I am reminded of a) the trip I took with my mom and sister to get that fabric, which I love and haven't used in a project yet; b) the fun of being creative (first time in a while I've made something instead of just repairing something), c) the fun of being frugal, and d) that shopping doesn't always have to be the solution to a problem.

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