Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sold a car!

We sold one of our cars - the sedan that I complained about 18 months ago. We sold it to a family member for about half the blue book value, as a favor to them and also to us, because then we didn't have to do anything in terms of work but vacuum it out and sign the title. No advertising, no test drives, no worrying if someone's cashier's check is valid. That car has a lot of life left in it, and while I hated getting kids in and out of it, I feel a little guilty about getting rid of it before it was really and truly driven into the ground. I have actually never sold a car before - both of my previous vehicles were donated as scrap because I drove them until they didn't work anymore.

We still have our Rav 4 and the Jeep, which is stored for the winter. We should be getting a refund on our car insurance for the sedan and the Jeep, since we pulled insurance off it while it's stored.

It's been a bit of a shift to go from being used to each having a child-safe car we can drive to only having one of those, but not too bad. Peanut has taken up biking around our neighborhood which is great in a number of ways. We'll probably use some of the money from the sale of the sedan to upgrade his hand-me-down bike and get a nicer bike trailer for the kids, but bikes are definitely a lower-cost commuting option, when your commute is five blocks to the local preschool!

I take the bus most days, which is way cheaper than paying for downtown parking, way better for my mental sanity since I can read on the bus instead of glower at other driver's from my own car, and also helps me leave work at 5 on the dot every day. I had forgotten how nice public transit can be, and it's weird how easy it is to fall prey to the notion that I "need" to have my own car for going to and from work, where I pay $14 for the privilege of leaving it all by itself for nine hours. I am also getting so much more reading done!

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  1. Yay for unloading a headache without a headache! I was thinking about how, if we wanted to add to the family, we couldn't keep my sedan that I do love. It just wouldn't work. I wondered if the Rav4 could be a good next vehicle if we did that.


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