Tuesday, October 18, 2016


It seems like you're usually either strapped for cash or strapped for time - or both, but rarely wallowing in an excess of either.

At any rate, I'm now time-poor even if we're doing okay financially. I was thinking the other day about how my idea of retirement is basically that I still want to work but I just want to control my own schedule. I don't know what job is out there that lets me do that, but that's what I want to retire to. Peanut on the other hand has more time on his hands than probably ever before in his life and he's enjoying it. I don't quite know how he has so much time to do projects he wants to do, because I sure didn't feel like that when I was staying home with kids! But I guess they are almost a year older than they were when I was last home 24/7, and they are getting better at entertaining themselves every day.

It's budget season at work. This is the first time I've ever had to manage a budget at work, and I'm really glad for the practice I have of managing our personal budget in such detail - I don't know how I'd cope otherwise. There is very little guidance or oversight of the budget creation process, but a lot of nit-picky details. I sat down today and did some SUMIFS and pivot tables to take a lot of the manual labor out of the process - and a project manager actually got teary-eyed at the amount of time Excel could save her now going forward. I thought it was maybe a bit of overkill to have pivot tables in our own private budget, but I'm glad now that I knew how to implement them at work.

Our spending is already down quite a bit in the last two months -between not having a nanny anymore and the savings we see from me not eating lunch out as much as Peanut did, we are enjoying feeling a little flush. After we pay bills this month we're going to max out one of our 2016 Roths, which will hopefully scratch the itch of wanting to spend without that spending being wasted.

I got a new cell phone and switched to Ting. My last phone was having some battery problems (totally dead by 3 p.m. even without being used at all), although I kind of wish that I'd tried harder to find a solution to fix that phone. Change is really hard for me and this sounds so stupid to say but I've had a lot of stress and anxiety about finding and getting used to a new phone. The savings from being on Ting is nice (and my old phone couldn't work on Ting), so that helps.

Trying to explain money to kids is hilarious. Pickle kind of understands it (she knows you can exchange it for stuff but has no concept of value) but Baby Bear has no concept at all. All he knows is that dogs don't use money because they don't have any pockets to keep it in. Ha!


  1. How are you liking the performance of your phone with Ting? I'm exploring some alternatives to T-Mobile and am curious about the service these discounted services provide.

    1. It's just fine. I haven't noticed a difference at all in coverage. We are in a major metropolitan area, which might make a difference, but even on a driving trip throughout the midwest and south, including a lot of rural areas, Peanut had as good of coverage as he ever did on Verizon.

      The hardest part is remembering to not unconsciously browse Facebook while waiting for the bus or something like that. (I tried turning mobile data off, but then I can't play Pokemon. :p)


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