Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Five frugal things

1. Our dryer stopped working - it spun but had no heat. Peanut took the whole thing apart and identified a likely problem, ordered one part (even with next-day shipping, it was cheaper than buying it locally, sadly) and replaced it. That wasn't the problem, so he went on to the next small part, which he was able to get locally, and bingo! A $30 fix, and enough understanding of how our dryer works now that we might be able to keep it going forever. WAY better than a new $300 dryer!

2. We managed to be realistic about how many trick or treaters we'd have this year, and didn't overbuy candy to the extent that I have done in the past. I'll say it here for posterity: one bag is plenty. (There is a commercial district near here that does trick or treating, and maybe that's why we don't get many kids at our house - we had more than last year, but still under twenty, I'd say.)

3. I voted last week, at one of the early voting centers available in the state of Minnesota, where you don't need a reason to cast what is effectively an absentee ballot. I consider this frugal because I saved time (and time is money!). Also, if I'd had to wait in the lines today, I would have ended up eating my feelings in purchases snacks, so in a way, it saves me money too.

4. Working hard to bring my lunch every day - I usually get frozen lunches at the grocery store for about $2.50 each, or I take leftovers. Compared to $8-10 for a lunch downtown, it's not bad!

5. I control a large budget at work, and we are in budgeting season for next year. I am so thankful for the experience I have in being actively involved in managing my personal finances, because this would be a very difficult task if I didn't have that background. Pro-tip: take a personal finance class in college if you can; it actually might help you more than your general ed requirements!

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