Sunday, December 18, 2016


We recently were in a minor car accident. The kids were in the car but we are all fine. We hit some black ice approaching an intersection and slid through it into a car that was turning left in front of us, which then hit a third car. It was slow enough that there were no injuries, but it was kind of scary - I had never been in that kind of an accident before, and while that part of me was quietly freaking out, the rest of me had to stay calm for the kids and make sure that they were okay and staying warm (it was -14 degrees out, but we couldn't leave the car running in case of exhaust leaks).

At any rate, this accident came less than a week after we paid almost $600 to have the wheels aligned and a bearing replaced after we hit a curb on a different patch of ice in the last snowstorm.

In other words, this winter has been expensive for us! It's also an anomaly, because in a combined 38 years of driving, neither of us have ever had any kind of winter driving situation requiring car repairs.

Luckily, we do have insurance which should cover the repairs and also a rental car if we need it. Our deductible is only $500 although I guess our premiums will probably go up a bit. We might raise the deductible to $1,000 if we can (I think our lender might require a lower deductible, because typically we always set higher deductibles). We may not need the rental car because we've been intentional about reducing our need for a car - Peanut walks the kids to preschool and I take the bus, so really we only need a car for visiting family in the 'burbs and grocery shopping.

As always, I'm thankful for the situation we're in that mean that something like this is unfortunate but not a disaster. It'll be an expensive month but our savings can cover it, and most important, no one was hurt. The kids are asking a lot of questions about what happened (and it might be a while before they want to watch Cars again!) but we're all okay.

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