Sunday, June 11, 2017

Round Up

Well, I asked for my raise. I got a "let's keep talking about it" response, which is not terribly surprising. I think I will probably get something ahead of the next company-wide cost of living adjustment, but what it really tells me is that this "promotion" is somewhat temporary - I had suspected that my department may be reorganized again within a year, which would take these strategic decisions back off my plate, and I'm now fairly sure that that's the plan. Which is also fine with me - we're doing fine on my income as it is, but I felt like I should advocate for myself since the workload did increase. And I probably will get something out of it, because the sales numbers certainly don't lie. I have a chance to have a one on one conversation with HR later this year as well, and I will bring it up then if nothing has happened by then. 

This post on Habits vs Goals was great. I've pretty much stopped doing goals posts for this reason - I don't really have goals per se anymore. I try to develop specific habits (bring lunch to work every day, 100 push-up challenge) and those aren't motivating to report on. But they make a bigger and more longer term impact on my life, so that's where my focus is instead. 

I've been trolling through J Money's blog directory looking for new pf blogs to read. It seems like the blog world has really changed a lot in the last year or two - so many blogs have turned into "content" machines, and fewer of the personal blogs that I really like to read still exist. I don't read blogs for personal finance advice anymore (if I ever did) but more for people's personal experiences, choices, goals, hopes, and dreams, and those are getting harder and harder to find. Maybe people are talking about that stuff on Facebook or something instead? I don't know. 

Where do you find new pf blogs to read?

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