Saturday, August 19, 2017

Is Facebook the new blogosphere?

Is Facebook the new blogosphere?

It sure seems like most blogs I read are now feeding posts to a Facebook page; some even have Facebook groups or communities. On the one hand, this is annoying - I blog anonymously for a reason and want to be able to leave comments without having them broadcast to my entire IRL friends list. On the other hand, it's harder and harder to find an RSS feed reader that I like, and pretty much all the information I find from anywhere is through Facebook (I kind of hate admitting that, but it's true), and it's nice to have more of that kind of thing on there than the stuff that's being shared by the people on my friends list. So, there's that.

Part of what brought this up is that Peanut and I attended a FIRE meet up today. Go Curry Cracker was in town, and we thought it would be interesting to meet people who share our thoughts about money. It was a fun (and frugal!) time; we met some nice and interesting people, and enjoyed a beautiful day outside at a lovely park. It made me wonder how much I want to be anonymous, and really, how much I want to blog generally going forward.

I haven't posted much lately. I haven't had much to say. In truth, I am fairly disconnected from our finances. I earn, we save, we spend. We are maxing out my 403(b) this year and while we thought that was going to be a stretch goal, we haven't even noticed. We are on track to max out our Roth IRAs as well. We are saving as much as we're spending, we're hitting our goals, and we don't even feel it - there's not much to say. Bringing lunch is a habit. Buying used (or not at all) is a habit. I hardly spend money except when I'm traveling for work and it doesn't matter. I have therefore become terrible about keeping track of my money, even with an app on my phone for recording what I spend. Peanut pays the bills every month so I'm not even engaged in looking at the trends of our finances anymore.

It seems like we are in the limbo period where everything we could do is in place and we are now waiting for time to make the compound interest magic happen. It's fairly boring.

However. I am coming up on the 10 YEAR anniversary of this blog! I've been blogging longer than fourth graders have been alive. The PF blogosphere is a huge reason that we are where we are financially - the support, encouragement, and community that I found when it was a struggle to figure out how to manage my money and where to aim my goals are the things that really helped me be weird in a world that thinks being in debt is normal. Over the years, the blogosphere has changed. Some of those changes have been good (more women!), and some of those have been not so great (spam! losing great bloggers! content mills!).

So I'm wondering if I'm seeing the next shift of the PF world - to one that is less anonymous and more in the public of our every day, by happening primarily on the place where we spend our online lives, on Facebook. In a way, that's why I've been writing for the last decade - to make personal finance a thing that we talk about, to not equate salary with worth, to have open discussions about the meaning of money and what it enables us to do with our lives. I don't think I'm done trying to move that conversation forward, and maybe getting back in the habit of talking about it will help me feel more engaged and connected with the future we are building.

So, all of that to say - I'm on Facebook now. Pop over and say hi!

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