Sunday, September 10, 2017


It's been a while since we've had one of these! Here are some of the great things I've been reading on the web lately.

On Being a Bad Manager - People get promoted out of individual contributors to managing people, which is a skill set that doesn't grow out of being a great individual contributor. I have been leading a team for a little over 18 months now, and it's been challenging in very different ways than anything I've done before. I've had some good mentoring on that, but I was still really surprised at how different of a job it is to be a manager versus a regular employee. My HR department has started a regular meeting for us middle managers and I'm hoping there will be some training to go along with it.

The highest-paying jobs and fields of study in the United States - is your field on here? Mine's not, and some of those numbers are HUGE!! I'm happy with where I'm at salary-wise but it's eye-opening to see what's possible with enough training and specialization. 

The Equifax hack is possibly the largest disaster in the history of the social security administration. The social security number was never intended to be used for all the things it is currently used for - so it's a highly private identification number that is used for all sorts of public things by companies whose security systems are not strong enough to protect it adequately. I hope that this breach will be the thing that finally triggers an overhaul of the system of financial and government identification in the US, but I am not holding my breath. Also, consider carefully whether you want to sign up for the free "credit monitoring" service Equifax is offering to those affected - you may be signing away your rights to recompense from a class action lawsuit by doing so. Right now, we've opted for a credit flag and credit freeze with the three bureaus, and continued tri-annual monitoring of all our credit reports. 

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