Monday, September 4, 2017

Sharing and subscriptions for the win!

My family recently celebrated a wedding, and so there was travel involved. We were all set to book a hotel room in the block the bride and groom had set aside when one of my siblings suggested that we (the siblings not getting married) split an AirBNB.

I had only used AirBNB one time previously, on a work trip, so it hadn't even occurred to me. But I did some poking around and managed to find a big apartment only two blocks from the wedding venue. We ended up paying around $75 per adult instead of $150+ per adult, plus we got to hang out communally during our down time, we had a kitchen at our disposal for easy breakfast and snacks, and being only two blocks from the venue it wasn't a problem to walk the kids back during the reception when they got overtired. Lucky Peanut got a break from all my extended family and hung out there playing video games in the living room - if we'd had a hotel room, he'd have had to hide out in the bathroom or something so he wouldn't keep the kids awake.

And it turned out that the apartment we rented was owned by a hairdresser, who is a friend of my new sister-in-law and did her hair for the wedding. What a fun, small world!

I am loving the growing and evolving economy of sharing (AirBNB, Uber/Lyft, tool libraries) and subscriptions (software licenses, Movie Pass). I think this is a much better use of our resources and a better way to build community, save money, and get things done. It's still not a default for me - like I said, I was ready to book in the hotel block, because that's what I've always done for weddings before. But as I have more positive experiences with the sharing economy and subscription models for experiences and services, I am starting to check there first before resorting to the traditional way I've done things growing up.

(Somewhat randomly, a few days before our trip we listened to the How I Built It podcast with the founder of AirBNB, which was really good!)

The one sharing/subscription thing I haven't really got into is the boxes, especially the clothing subscriptions. I don't buy enough clothes to justify it, probably, and I really, really prefer to try things on before spending any money (and also prefer to buy used stuff), but I like the concept of it.

What are your favorite sharing economy or subscription model offerings? 


  1. AIRBNB, subscription boxes and ride sharing apps somehow made our world a better place...and being frugal a whole lot easier.

  2. Reading about your love of used clothes made me think of Thread Up. Have you heard of it?

  3. I have heard of it, but I've never ordered anything from there. Buying clothes is hard enough in person; I've never wanted to deal with ordering a bunch of stuff that doesn't fit and then figuring out how to return it. I've donated items to Schoola and the like, but I probably won't ever use those types of sites to go shopping for myself.


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