Friday, November 10, 2017

Plan to Eat Black Friday sale

Plan to Eat's Black Friday sale is back! Get 50% off a great meal planning service - just $1.60 per month! 

I will admit, I used to be a Plan to Eat subscriber, but I've let my subscription lapse. I don't do the meal planning, shopping, or cooking anymore, and Peanut has his own system. But when I was doing this, I LOVED how easy it was to use. Better than Pinterest for collecting recipes, searchable by ingredient, with a calendar feature as well as an export meal plan to shopping list feature, organized by the layout of the store. 

You can do a four-day free trial, then get the Black Friday sale from Nov. 24-27. 


Why are you still here? Go sign up!

(This post isn't sponsored and links are not affiliate links. I really think this is a great service and if you struggle with meal planning I think you will love it!)

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