Thursday, December 14, 2017

Five Frugal Things

1. I keep a couple of cans of soup at my desk at work, in case I forget my lunch. That came in handy this week. I still got to have a hot lunch with no cost.

2. Baby bBear is not a baby anymore. For his third birthday, he got spoiled mightily but not by his parents. We got him a candy bar and that's it. He was delighted and I'm happy that it didn't make noise or need batteries. He did get some other neat toys from his grandparents and that was plenty.

3. I haven't done any Christmas shopping at all. I don't really have much to do, just some stocking stuffers for the kids and for the white elephant exchange but that's it. I still wish I had thought of it in October before the stores were so crowded.

4. I have been absolutely horrible about tracking my spending this year. I think I've mentioned that before. Part of the problem is that I use a Mac for work and I can't access our spreadsheet on it. So then I just think that I will remember what I spent money on, and of course I don't. Luckily, I use my credit card for almost everything so at least there is some record of it. But anything that I pay cash for just basically disappears. We have a plan for addressing this for the new year.

5. I'm in a phase of life where I want to spend a lot of money, but I don't actually want to spend the money. Examples are: I want a new couch, we want to turn the guest room into an office, I want Next Level business clothes. But I don't actually want to spend the money that I have on any of those things, so instead I just don't do a lot of anything.

Bonus: I have been reading books like crazy from the library, and I am definitely going to hit my 100 book goal for the year.


  1. 100 books this year sounds fantastic. I need to remain diligent with my reading. I aspire to get your level.

  2. I hear you on #5. We're desperately in need of a new couch and furniture, but -- we just can't bring ourselves to spend the $. We probably will, though, in 2018.


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