Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 New Years Resolutions

1. Read fewer books, but more fiction. While most people who put anything about reading on their New Year's Resolutions list are probably hoping to read more, I'd like to read less. I read 115 books in 2017 (and no, that doesn't include books I read out loud to the kids). And most of them were non-fiction of the self-improvement or business/work-related type. I tend to get hooked on a topic and then read 8-10 books on the subject, but I find that after book 3 or 4, there are diminishing returns. So I don't really need to be reading more books - I'm aiming for quality over quantity this year. I'm going to try to read 2 fiction books to every non-fiction title, aiming to read for pleasure as much as for learning. I'm aiming for 75 books overall, or about 1.2 books per week. 

2. Organize my digital life. I want to DO something with the saved links, the starred blog posts, the pinned recipes, the downloaded podcasts. Yesterday, I upgraded to a paid version of Evernote, giving me more space per month, so I'm going to try to put it to good use by storing all of this kind of information in a single place, and setting a dedicated time each week to reviewing the information that I've saved for later and doing something with it. Things like, actually writing the blog post inspired by that article, or putting the ingredients for that recipe on a shopping list and scheduling a time to try it out, or actually looking back at the notes I took from all those self-improvement books I read this year. I've put a reminder in my calendar to do this weekly.
3. #1goodmoneything per day. This is an idea I got from Revanche a couple years ago - instead of always saving up for big wins, aim for a single good money decision each day. Little things add up and while it may not be super sexy to tweet about "brought my lunch to work five days this week!" that is a major contributing factor to how Peanut and I were able to grow our net worth by more than $80,000 this year. It's really in the small decisions.
4. Regular journaling. I'd like to bring a little more intention to my day and awareness to my decisions, so I was thinking of writing down big decisions and my reasons for them, then revisiting them later to see where my thinking is faulty. Then I saw Trent's recent article about his journaling habit, and I thought maybe I could combine them into one new habit. I've added a reminder onto my calendar to do this every day.
5. Inbox zero for personal email. I have a terrible habit of reading emails on my phone, then marking them unread with the intention of replying later...only I never do. So my goal is to get to inbox zero by the end of January, only open emails once, and actually respond to people in a timely manner. And this includes my drafts folder, too. Not kidding - I have drafts in there from 2012!
6. Physical movement. With the exception of my seven years with a belly dance troupe, I have always struggled to get enough physical activity. I'm a sedentary person by nature (see #1 above, about how much I read!) and I don't like to sweat. But as I get older, I notice the effects of sitting at a computer much more, so I'm going to work on it (again) in 2018. I did a push-up challenge in 2017 that did wonders for my back, so I'll repeat that. I've started doing yoga at home once a week as well.

7. Spend more time on physical self-care. I'm in my mid-thirties, and I'm starting to see the effects of aging. Which is fine - I actually like both my body and my mind more as I age - but it does mean I can't drop into bed without taking care of my skin anymore! I'd also like to use up all the samples of stuff I have lying around, from moisturizer to cuticle care to fancy pepperminty exfoliating foot stuff.

8. Be with the kids when I'm with the kids. My kids are still at the ages where they want to snuggle me, want to be read to, want to just be with me. But I'm starting to see it fading. I want to take advantage of how much they love me now - not reading or being on my phone in the evenings when we're together. 

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  1. I'm so glad that you still remember the #1GoodMoneyThing. It's still going on Twitter :) Happy New Year!


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