Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Two incomes are not always the answer to having more money. Really important stuff here! We found it to be true that as a dual-income-with-kids family, two incomes did not leave us with more money - in fact, we were paying for the privilege of me going back to work. Having only one working parent has always given us more discretionary spending money, even when that income was half of what I'm currently making.

There are additional important points throughout this excellent article, including the comment about how disability insurance for stay-at-home parents is critical (and very hard to find). We are lucky that Peanut's disability insurance from when he was working will continue to cover him now as long as we keep the premium paid on time. I couldn't find any kind of disability insurance for a no-income spouse when I was at home, and I know of only one company now that offers it.

Author Ann Patchett reflects on her year of no shopping

Two different approaches to business - do you notice these things as a consumer (or do you consider them as part of your job)?

Selection librarians from my local library system were profiled in my local newspaper, along with the most popular books of 2017. I'm a library super user, with 20+ books and ebooks checked out at any given time. The kids and I go weekly to pick up new books and return the ones we're done with. Our local branch has an excellent play area, and we've made friends with neighborhood people we see regularly. I use the hold system and the interlibrary loan system extensively, and have even checked out a power tester for free. I've also booked a number of offsite meetings for work at the library, giving us a distraction-free (and literally free) workspace for creative work and planning. Yay libraries!

But on the other hand, children learn the most important lesson away from adults. And that culture of childhood is threatened. I'll have more to say on this later in 2018.

Kickstarter math is weird. This is a super interesting (and eye-opening) look at what it takes to be successful on Kickstarter.

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  1. I do notice things that businesses do to signal long-term relationship intent, and I do consider this in my work as well! It does make sense to me that my first priority is a business that won't screw up but that's virtually impossible so the next best business is one that is willing to make amends for those mistakes.


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